marți, 18 martie 2008

me, myself and i

i once felt i could fly ... it was such a beautiful feeling, that sometimes i can still imagine ... it`s so nice to live your life according to yourself, according to what you know and feel ... but it`s so god damn hard! you never get to do what you want because there`s always something else more important, or much more demanding ... but that`s life!

how many times did you get to see that interesting movie, or spend a wonderful day only with you friend and colleagues? and did not stay an entire day at work plus extra hours, because that`s how everybody does these days ... work, work and ... work ...

i`ve always been thinking and trying to find a solution in order to do everythig it`s necessary in our everyday life and all the things that i like ... the final solution ... i can`t ... i never could ... i always had to give up to something in order to finish what it was more important...and gues what i had to give up...yep, you got the right answer!

so?what should we do?first work and after, fun time???i`ve come to the conclusion that all the things we do in life must be on our liking ... we must love what we do ... this is what makes us choose in life only the things that really matter ... that`s why we become more selective in time ... this way we appreciate even more the good moments and forget even faster the unpleasant ones ... strange, but true, this is the real life!!

but if you still want to escape from your daily rutine, you should first remember how you were as child and try to have as much fun as you can, just being yourself ... it really works

so just try, and let me know how it was

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